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Officials of the state authorities often violate the rights of individuals and legal entities and are exceeding their authority. This is especially true of the social sphere. Administrative disputes – is a unique kind of controversy because one of the parties for this type of dispute is the subject necessarily powers (the State or any of its officials). A distinctive feature of administrative disputes is that these disputes are not of the nature of property disputes.

They seek to challenge decisions of public authorities, acts and omissions of their officials, as well as the fact that these bodies are obliged to perform their duties, or to refrain from performing such actions:

• invalidation of decisions of public authorities, taken in any sphere of life;

• debate on the claims of customs authorities related to seizure, confiscation of goods crossing the border;

• appeal against the decision on violation of customs regulations (no delivery of goods in the customs control zone) and the application of sanctions;

• appeals against decisions of the tax service;

• disputes individuals with the subjects of authority over the calculation purposes, allocation, implementation, provision, receipt of pensions, social benefits to disabled citizens, payments for obligatory state social insurance and other social benefits, co-payments, social services, assistance, protection, benefits;

• any other disputes arising out of violations of individual rights in public law relationships by public authorities, local governments, their officials and officers, other actors in the exercise of power management functions, that arise in the course of their commercial activities. The interests and rights of entrepreneurs may be violated by unscrupulous contractors, suppliers and service providers, lenders, partners, and even government agencies. On the issue arises in the course of one business are not currently insured.

In this case, our experts with the help of expert advice to help you solve the problem through negotiation or have already been created to resolve a conflict situation in the courts. We can offer you the following services:

• a preliminary analysis of the customer documents (contracts, agreements, business correspondence);

• identify sources of the dispute and the formation of the position;

• substantiation of claims and correspondence for pre-trial settlement of disputes;

• preparation of claims and all necessary for the proceedings of procedural documents for any disputes;

• representation in courts, state bodies and institutions.