You need to dissolve your marriage, but for some reason you are not able to draw up a claim on your own, in accordance with the requirements of the law? Does it take too long to contact a qualified specialist offline?Then you can contact us.We can help you get your divorce decree online.We will prepare for you a complete package of documents required for divorce, and send it to you as soon as possible in a way convenient for you.You will only need to sign…Continue Reading “DIVORCE ONLINE SERVICE”

Turning to our experts, you can get expert legal advice in the design, implementation and taxation of export-import transactions, advice on the implementation of foreign economic activity, the use of Ukrainian and international legislation, as well as trade practices and customs, providing economic agents necessary legal assistance and advice, participate in negotiations, develop and offer optimal and efficient solutions in the negotiation and execution of foreign trade agreements. Designed by our specialists schemes allow you to avoid many mistakes and difficulties that inevitably arise in…Continue Reading “FOREIGN ECONOMIC ACTIVITY”

Legal support effectively solve not only the design, but also the client’s current problems in the field of legal support. The advantages of this method of legal support of the business – it is an opportunity to involve specialists in different branches of law. We have developed a legal regulations that allow legal services structure, to ensure full transparency and informing customers about events, distribute powers within the company in terms of coordination tasks, the approval of the estimates for the performance of individual services….Continue Reading “MAINTENANCE OF ENTERPRISE”

Officials of the state authorities often violate the rights of individuals and legal entities and are exceeding their authority. This is especially true of the social sphere. For example, disputes with the Pension Fund of Ukraine, the social insurance fund and others. Unfortunately, most people are often unaware of their rights in such situations, so our experts are always glad to help you in the following areas: • representation in courts and public authorities; • preparation of procedural documents in cases of administrative offenses, recovery…Continue Reading “ADMINISTRATIVE DISPUTES”

In Ukraine, any transaction with the real estate and construction potentially contains serious legal risks for the parties to the transaction. Legislation in this area – is unstructured mass of laws and regulations, which are full of contradictions and serious gaps. Legislation is regularly reviewed, which prevents the formation of established clear rules on the real estate market. The legal history of rights (title) property, the legality of the privatization is not always relying party transactions, and often can not be sufficiently confirmed due to…Continue Reading “CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE”

Legal disputes over land and property – these are issues that arise in the course of the purchase and sale of objects, gift, inheritance of property, and in the process of divorce. Separate “battle” could drag on for years, and it is strongly exhausting participants. The high value of real estate is undeniable, therefore, any dispute related to its acquisition and disposal, are of particular importance for the citizens and legal entities. Every litigation on land matters or requirement to allocate a share in an…Continue Reading “DISPUTES ABOUT PROPERTY AND LAND”

Officials of the state authorities often violate the rights of individuals and legal entities and are exceeding their authority. This is especially true of the social sphere. Administrative disputes – is a unique kind of controversy because one of the parties for this type of dispute is the subject necessarily powers (the State or any of its officials). A distinctive feature of administrative disputes is that these disputes are not of the nature of property disputes. They seek to challenge decisions of public authorities, acts…Continue Reading “ADMINISTRATIVE RELATIONS”

Inheritance disputes are complex. This is primarily due to the establishment of the rights enjoyed by the testator at the date of death, the composition of potential heirs, as well as the presence of all the documents confirming this. Trying to solve the problems encountered in the division of inheritance alone can eventually lose part of their ancestral property. Turning to us, you get a qualified legal aid in any matter of inheritance, as well as, we can help: • disputes with the heirs of…Continue Reading “HEREDITARY RELATIONSHIP”

Originally competently written contract helps the parties in the future to avoid many potential problems and potential damage. The best way to avoid the problems and protect yourself – we can see, accompanied by our specialists deal since the drafting of the contract, its signing and until complete fulfillment of obligations by the parties. In this case, our client is the most protected from unlawful actions of other party and third parties, the risks associated with such contracts are minimized. We are ready to provide…Continue Reading “CONTRACTUAL RELATIONSHIP”

Unfortunately, some customers try in disputes with banks to defend the rights and property of yourself and come to us on the stage when the lawsuit with the bank have already lost or in the active stage of execution of the court decision on recovery of the debt or the seizure of property, and some even after realization of property. But even in such cases, there is always an opportunity to help our customers. If you have a dispute with a bank loan, then you…Continue Reading “CREDIT RELATIONSHIP”