The economic activity of business entities are constantly fraught with a certain commercial risk. This is due to the fact that all entrepreneurs have their own concepts of good practice, the rules of negotiation and bargaining. For legal relations are economic disputes between economic subjects that arise in the course of their commercial activities. The interests and rights of entrepreneurs may be violated by unscrupulous contractors, suppliers and service providers, lenders, partners, and even government agencies. On the issue arises in the course of one…Продолжить читать “HOUSEHOLD RELATIONSHIP”

Family businesses have their subtleties and nuances. Such disputes, despite their prevalence, the most complex and legally and ethically. Each family business has its own characteristics and is allowed by the court in the circumstances and evidence. Timely access to a lawyer for the family court will allow you to not only defend their rights violated, but also, very importantly, to anticipate and prevent their possible violation in the future. Professional experience and knowledge enable us to assess the specific situation, to prepare the necessary…Продолжить читать “FAMILY RELATIONSHIP”