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In Ukraine, any transaction with the real estate and construction potentially contains serious legal risks for the parties to the transaction. Legislation in this area – is unstructured mass of laws and regulations, which are full of contradictions and serious gaps. Legislation is regularly reviewed, which prevents the formation of established clear rules on the real estate market.

The legal history of rights (title) property, the legality of the privatization is not always relying party transactions, and often can not be sufficiently confirmed due to their lack of documents. Each subsequent buyer of real estate bears the risks associated with the rights (claims) third parties, following the subject property. Law enforcement practice does not have a common approach in dealing with the many complex issues related to the definition of ownership of the property, the legal status of land for various purposes, permits for construction.

Unfinished process of demarcation of lands of state and municipal property, still unemployed single inventory are the result of cases of withdrawal of land in different organs of different people.

• legal advice on the sale, purchase, lease, construction of office premises;

• legal support of all phases of construction: from obtaining licenses, permits and approvals prior to commissioning of real estate and registration of property rights to them;

• legalization of redevelopment, unauthorized construction;

• tracking of transactions for the acquisition of property rights and land (sale and purchase agreements, leases, concessions, use, management, superficies, emphyteusis, etc.).

• legal advice on the acquisition of land ownership and use, which arise in the course of their commercial activities. The interests and rights of entrepreneurs may be violated by unscrupulous contractors, suppliers and service providers, lenders, partners, and even government agencies. On the issue arises in the course of one business are not currently insured. In this case, our experts with the help of expert advice to help you solve the problem through negotiation or have already been created to resolve a conflict situation in the courts. We can offer you the following services:

• a preliminary analysis of the customer documents (contracts, agreements, business correspondence);

• identify sources of the dispute and the formation of the position;

• substantiation of claims and correspondence for pre-trial settlement of disputes;

• preparation of claims and all necessary for the proceedings of procedural documents for any disputes;

• representation in courts, state bodies and institutions.