Рубрики Services

Legal disputes over land and property – these are issues that arise in the course of the purchase and sale of objects, gift, inheritance of property, and in the process of divorce. Separate “battle” could drag on for years, and it is strongly exhausting participants. The high value of real estate is undeniable, therefore, any dispute related to its acquisition and disposal, are of particular importance for the citizens and legal entities. Every litigation on land matters or requirement to allocate a share in an apartment in common one thing: the need to act correctly from the beginning (the definition of the legal position).

If you have to trial by land or apartment, or need to recognize their right to real estate – we are happy to offer their services:

• recognition of the right to ownership of real property;

• section, isolated housing, determining the order of use;

• earliest check, eviction, registration, extract;

• commissioning;

• registration of real property rights;

• support of transactions of purchase and sale, donation, lease, mortgage, etc .;

• invalidation of the transaction;

• protection of your rights to property and land, including reclaim it from someone else’s possession, use;

• restore the rights to real estate