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You need to dissolve your marriage, but for some reason you are not able to draw up a claim on your own, in accordance with the requirements of the law? Does it take too long to contact a qualified specialist offline?
Then you can contact us.
We can help you get your divorce decree online.
We will prepare for you a complete package of documents required for divorce, and send it to you as soon as possible in a way convenient for you.
You will only need to sign the package of documents sent by us, enclose the documents in an envelope prepared by us and send this package of documents to the court, which will not exceed thirty minutes of your time.

By using this service, you get the following benefits:

  1. Do not waste time and money on contacting lawyers and visiting the legal office;
  2. Do not waste time looking for templates of claim documents, which, in most cases, are outdated and incorrectly drawn up, including without taking into account the individuality of the marriage relations of the parties;
  3. Do not waste time studying the constantly changing legislation of Ukraine;
  4. You receive a statement of claim drawn up by professional lawyers – lawyers, the specifics of whose activities are aimed at family disputes and litigation;
  5. You receive a full package of documents, taking into account all the features of your marriage (the presence of minor children, the presence of a property dispute, etc.);
  6. You pay the cost of our services to the official bank accounts of our law office, thereby confirming the acceptance of the contract for the provision of legal services by us, which, on the basis of Articles 626, 629 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, guarantees you the fulfillment of our duties;
  7. You will receive free consultations on the dissolution of your marriage at all stages of the judicial examination of the case, and at the stage of execution of the court decision.

Divorce application

cost 1500 UAH

    Upload copies (scan or photo) of the following documents (up to 2MB per document)

    Method of receiving a package of documents
    to the specified Emailby the 'NOVAYA POCHTA' post company (City, No. of the 'NOVAYA POCHTA' branch):

    it may take some time to check and download files, please wait for the instructions page.