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Family businesses have their subtleties and nuances. Such disputes, despite their prevalence, the most complex and legally and ethically. Each family business has its own characteristics and is allowed by the court in the circumstances and evidence. Timely access to a lawyer for the family court will allow you to not only defend their rights violated, but also, very importantly, to anticipate and prevent their possible violation in the future.

Professional experience and knowledge enable us to assess the specific situation, to prepare the necessary recommendations to the client, to build the legal position and to achieve the desired result. In the provision of legal aid, guaranteed that attorney-client privilege and professional ethics.

By contacting us, you will receive qualified legal assistance from a lawyer in Odessa:

  • legal advice on family issues;
  • divorce;
  • recognition of marriage as invalid;
  • division of the spouses’ property;
  • invalidation or termination of the marriage contract;
  • establishment / deprivation of parental rights;
  • collection of alimony;
  • disputes about the child.