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Turning to our experts, you can get expert legal advice in the design, implementation and taxation of export-import transactions, advice on the implementation of foreign economic activity, the use of Ukrainian and international legislation, as well as trade practices and customs, providing economic agents necessary legal assistance and advice, participate in negotiations, develop and offer optimal and efficient solutions in the negotiation and execution of foreign trade agreements. Designed by our specialists schemes allow you to avoid many mistakes and difficulties that inevitably arise in the course of work in the field of foreign trade, as well as save on sanctions that would have to pay because of ignorance of the specifics of this kind of transactions;

• legal support of foreign trade transactions;

• development of legal schemes of conducting foreign trade activities for temporary import / export of property, raw materials, the complete object;

• advice on customs, tax law and representation of foreign companies;

• examination of documents required for customs clearance of imported / exported goods, including risk assessment and the tax effects related to foreign trade activities;

• legal support of foreign economic activity in the pre-trial settlement of disputes;

• representing clients when considering foreign economic disputes, including in the CIS countries;

• appeals against decisions of customs authorities on the determination of customs value (see. The adjustment of customs value), the classification of goods, violation of customs regulations, acts of office audit, tax notices. If you have customs disputes, the lawyers of our company to help them successfully solve;

• judicial protection, including the conduct of affairs in the ICAC at the CCI of Ukraine and courts of general jurisdiction and special. Lawyer customs disputes, working in our company, has extensive experience in this field;

• assistance to return the overpaid customs duties;

• challenging the decisions of State Customs Service to revoke the license of the customs broker in the administrative and judicial procedure;

• legal aid to persons authorized to declare them in violation of customs rules;

• organization of seminars, including for corporate clients on customs regulations and foreign trade activities, which arise in the course of their commercial activities. The interests and rights of entrepreneurs may be violated by unscrupulous contractors, suppliers and service providers, lenders, partners, and even government agencies. On the issue arises in the course of one business are not currently insured. In this case, our experts with the help of expert advice to help you solve the problem through negotiation or have already been created to resolve a conflict situation in the courts.

We can offer you the following services:

• a preliminary analysis of the customer documents (contracts, agreements, business correspondence);

• identify sources of the dispute and the formation of the position;

• substantiation of claims and correspondence for pre-trial settlement of disputes;

• preparation of claims and all necessary for the proceedings of procedural documents for any disputes;

• representation in courts, state bodies and institutions.