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Inheritance disputes are complex. This is primarily due to the establishment of the rights enjoyed by the testator at the date of death, the composition of potential heirs, as well as the presence of all the documents confirming this. Trying to solve the problems encountered in the division of inheritance alone can eventually lose part of their ancestral property.

Turning to us, you get a qualified legal aid in any matter of inheritance, as well as, we can help:

• disputes with the heirs of the share of the hereditary mass;

• coming into an inheritance through the courts;

• restoration of the period for acceptance of the inheritance;

• appeal against unlawful actions of a notary at the opening and conduct of the case of the inheritance;

• challenging the rights of other heirs by will or by the law on inheritance property;

• recognition of the will, the lifelong maintenance contract null and void;

• elimination of the heirs of the right to inheritance;

• disputes with creditors, the heirs of the testator;

• the finding of a relationship;

• the finding of joint property acquired during the marriage or during the period of cohabitation;

• establish the fact of death;

• establish a finding of fact dependent on the deceased;