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Legal support effectively solve not only the design, but also the client’s current problems in the field of legal support. The advantages of this method of legal support of the business – it is an opportunity to involve specialists in different branches of law. We have developed a legal regulations that allow legal services structure, to ensure full transparency and informing customers about events, distribute powers within the company in terms of coordination tasks, the approval of the estimates for the performance of individual services.

Our lawyers will provide you with legal assistance in the following areas:

• provide information consultation on the issue of client’s interests with the ability to provide comprehensive legal opinions;

• analytical monitoring of legislation in certain areas of economic activity, legal conclusions on current business activities in view of the new legislation and forecasting trends in the legal regulation of certain spheres of activity;

• complex legal examination of constituent and other documents of the company, contracts for compliance with the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine, as well as to identify possible risks and ways to minimize them;

• providing advice and recommendations to address identified in the course of the legal risks of diagnostic and / or deficiencies in the legal support of the company;

• conduct a comprehensive legal audit (including verification of personnel, accounting, contractual, financial operation of the enterprise) and the preparation of the consolidated conclusion with reference to identified weaknesses, risks and recommendations for their elimination. that arise in the course of their commercial activities. The interests and rights of entrepreneurs may be violated by unscrupulous contractors, suppliers and service providers, lenders, partners, and even government agencies. On the issue arises in the course of one business are not currently insured. In this case, our experts with the help of expert advice to help you solve the problem through negotiation or have already been created to resolve a conflict situation in the courts. We can offer you the following services:

• a preliminary analysis of the customer documents (contracts, agreements, business correspondence);

• identify sources of the dispute and the formation of the position;

• substantiation of claims and correspondence for pre-trial settlement of disputes;

• preparation of claims and all necessary for the proceedings of procedural documents for any disputes;

• representation in courts, state bodies and institutions.